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Natural & Holistic

Natural & Holistic

Therapies and products for a happy Body,a Resilient mind and a blissfull soul.

Ylang Leanne Botanicals

Certified Organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oils and Botanicals. Nurture Love Heal Support your Body Mind and soul.

Soothe emotional conditions through our most primary sense, our sense of smell system which is directly connected to the limbic system which is the emotional center in our brains.

Learn how to use the super powers of nature to help you body and mind function optimally, NATURALLY!

Holistic Acupuncture

Private and Group sessions

Whole body balance and detox. An effective treatment for anxiety, depression and addiction. 

Yin Yoga & Acu Journey

Join us in Stellenbosch or Upper Wynberg. Yoga postures, with corresponding ear acupuncture points to decompress and heal the nervous system.

Hi, I’m Leanne

I have a borderline obsession with PLANT MEDICINE, NATURAL THERAPIES, and since living in the wine lands some GOOD WINE. Oh yes, and also CHICKENS!

I am a Certified Integrated Healing Practitioner, Acupuncture Detox Specialist, and Facial Acupuncture Therapist. I also have certifications, among others, in Advanced Kinesiology, Iridology, Trauma Release, Brain Integration and Aromatherapy.

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, balancing books evolved into balancing bodies. I followed my wanderlust and dream and moved to the East. After living in Bali for four years and traveling through Asia and the United States, I created an Organic Essential Oils and Herbal range that works with the body’s natural healing processes.

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