An holistic approach to wellness and well being……

Let go of fear and anxiety and awaken to a life of love and joy

Alternative therapies for anxiety , depression, trauma and stress. Heal your nervous system and let go of negative and limiting beliefs and feelings.

When I started my first session with Leanne I felt completely hopeless. I started getting ‘fits/seizures’ whenever I would consume alcohol. I tried everything to figure out what was causing it by visiting doctors/psychologists etc. When I thought there was no hope I heard about Leanne and the therapies she offers. At first I was very demotivated, but after only 3 sessions with Leanne my ‘fits’ have completely stopped. I feel confident, happy and FREE! All thanks to the amazing skills Leanne has to offer. I would highly recommend her for anyone suffering from eg. Anxiety, stress or even post traumatic stress disorder.




An effective treatment for anxiety, depression and addiction. Auricular acupuncture involves the gentle placement of small, sterilized needles into specific sites on each ear. Correcting pathological Reflex Centers in The Brain.

Emotional Healing

Integrated healing that combines modern Psychology, NLP, CBT, Physiology, Applied Kinesiology and more to give a profound, yet simple, approach to healing

Ylang Leanne Botanicals

Certified Organic and Indigenous 100% pure essential oils and botanicals. Soothe emotional conditions through the olfactory  (sense of smell) system which is directly connected to the central nervous system. Exotic flowers, sacred resins and herbs specially formulated to help bring you back into emotional balance naturally.

More about Leanne

Growing up with natural medicine, herbal remedies and homeopathy was part of my life from a very young age.

After spending an interesting 4 years after University as a Chartered Accountant in the corporate world, my wanderlust and passion for healing and herbs took me to the East.  I followed my dream and moved to Bali, four years and four chickens later…life has never really been the same again…

Helping people and animals is truly a passion of mine. It has been my inspiration for completing different courses in methodologies like Advanced Kinesiology Iridology Acupuncture, Aromatherapy to share how to live a happy emotional physical and mental life!
I am also the owner of YlangLeanne Organic Essential oils and blends.

Anxiety could leave you feeling hopeless and like there is something wrong with your body.  To the contrary your body is reacting and trying to keep you safe from something it perceives as a threat past or present. This could be any type of emotional or physical trauma. Unfortunately if it wasn’t able to save you in that moment, it is going to keep trying to do it.

Live a life filled with peace and happiness!!

The body is always trying to return to it’s optimal state. Trying to COMPLETE the response. Trying to fight or flight from the lion  or play dead (freeze) like the lizard and then finish in rest, digest AND process…. any feeling that couldn’t be felt or processed on the spot. If this was not achieved ‘reaction symptoms’ might be experienced like anxiety, panic attacks etc.

If this is the case, as soon as the unresolved emotional charges and triggers are dealt with the body has the resources to ‘complete the response, return to its normal function, and the symptoms disappear.

Physical, Feeling and Thinking are all different expressions that make up the whole of you!

Physical Body

The most dense and physical part of our being. Provides an experience of complete separation, which is unavailable in any other body. This experience of separation clarifies personal character and the essence of individuality.

Emotional Body

The feeling body is the truth of who you are at a feeling level. This body contains the imprints of the emotional aspect of your memories as well as your current emotional state. It is the bridge between your physical body and your thinking body.

The Mental Body

The Mental Body facilitates cognition, the faculty of knowing. It gives you the ability to discern, and to have thoughts, beliefs and concepts.

Holistic means that these bodies are intimately interconnected.