According to a study, antibiotic-resistant infections will be the leading cause of death in 2050. This is why scientists around the world are scrambling to develop new drugs that can kill superbugs. But we aren’t there yet. It could take a while before we develop a perfect drug to stop it all.

There is, however, a simpler way beyond all this modern medicine fiasco. We can just revert to using essential oils just as our ancestors had in the past.

Essential oils have unfairly gotten mediocre reputation. Some people think they are just placebo medicines and quack science. But the truth is they are legitimate medicines. Scientists have been studying the therapeutic properties of essential oils. There are research papers lauding their benefits in fighting various ailments and even superbugs. And the best part is essential oils can kill traces of drug-resistant bacteria effectively and rapidly.

Essential oils may be our answer to superbugs and the infections that they bring. They are cheap, effective and available to most of us.




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