Acupuncture is among the best known of complementary and alternative therapies, that originated more than 3,000 years ago in China and is practiced in most of the world.

Auricular acupuncture involves the gentle placement of up to five small, sterilized needles into specific sites on each ear. Correcting pathological Reflex Centers in The Brain.

Almost all health conditions can be affected to some degree by stimulating reactive ear points.



Because every part of the external ear connects through the microsystem reflexes to every part of the body, a wide variety of health problems are relieved. The most commonly  for the control of chronic pain, detoxification from addictive drugs, relief of nausea, and anxiety and stress.



Group Sessions

Group treatments are perfect for wellness parties, retreats or events.

Includes a combination of Acupuncture, Moksa, and YlangLeanne Essential Oils.

10 min to insert per person, thereafter 60 min sitting time. Min 3 people


A treatment is a combination of the AcuDetox® points, Moksa, and Aromatherapy using YlangLeanne Essential Oils. Duration 40 mins to an hour.

AcuDetox® points:

In Chinese medicine certain emotions affect corresponding organs and vice versa. Example fear affects the kidney, when you get fright your bladder momentarily weakens and you might wet your pants. Or you want to go just before you have to go on stage. When you sad and crying you might have some trouble breathing deeply. Worry effects the stomach or an upset stomach can make you feel uncomforable. The points stimulated in the protocol is the following:

Shen Men: Reduces cravings, anxiety and insomnia

Sympathetic: Relaxes muscles, calms nervous system

Kidney: Clears blood, reduces fear provides access to emotional reserves

Liver: Helps detoxify reduces anger and emotions

Lungs: Helps detoxify, clears sadness helps restores joie de vivre


Retention of alcohol detox patients generally increases by 50% when an Acudetox component is added to conventional settings

Acudetox and Addiction

Opiate addiction was first treated by Dr. Wen in Hong Kong and has been treated at Lincoln Hospital since 1974. Acudetox provides nearly complete relief of acute observable opiate withdrawal symptoms in 5 – 30 minutes. This effect lasts for 8 to 24 hours. The duration of this effect increases with the number of serial treatments provided. Patients often sleep during the session and may feel hungry afterwards.

Some alcoholics who receive acupuncture actually report an aversion to alcohol. Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn reported that 94% of the patients in the Acudetox supplement group, remained abstinent as compared to 43% of the control group who only received conventional outpatient services. The widely quoted placebo controlled study by Bullock (1989) showed a 52% retention of alcoholic patients receiving true Acudetox compared to a 2% sham Acudetox retention rate.



Not suitable for pregnant ladies in their third trimester
Not suitable for individuals with pacemakers

Available in Stellenbosch and Pretoria

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Magnetic Therapy is officially recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Health and can be used instead or in conjunction with  needles.

ADHD and ADD – One treatment per week is required. The magnets are replaced weekly for up to 5 months. The magnets assist the polarity balancing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. i.e. they keep the brain chemistry and electrical function stable.

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