The natural state of our bodies is perfect health. The lifestyles we are living in a modern society is not even close to our natural states. The food we eat, constantly being in flight or fight mode causes our bodies to develop diseases, cancer being one that just can’t be ignored. It causes us to take a serious look at ourselves and our lifestyles. If we change our lifestyles and eliminate toxins, can cancer be cured naturally? According to the Gerson Therapy it can if done correctly! And they have a convincing track record…

With eliminating all toxins, I mean not even using shampoo or soap, not even drinking water as it just considered to polluted.


They mostly focus on the physical aspect of getting our bodies back to our natural states, eliminating all toxins and boosting nutrition. With eliminating all toxins, I mean not even using shampoo or soap, not even drinking water as it just considered to polluted. Drinking carrot juices by the litres, reducing fats and loads of veg… Get out your notepad watch this video to get  in depth information on how to use this therapy. This video made me realize that there is no way in my current life that I can make this kind of lifestyle change, but it has definitely opened my eyes on how many toxins we are consuming, and that it should be reduced as much as I can.


Their website:

If you watched the video you will learn that cancer was not created in a day, it is a lifetime and sometimes generations of bad eating and lifestyle habits. To reverse this we have to go to the extreme to start reversing it. No toxins, that means no soap, shampoo, GMO’s, pesticides, processed food, msg etc. Clean water through plants and lots of carrot juice is a major part of the diet that is offered at The Gerson Clinic

Read this article for making your own carrot juice for better health :

Making carrot juice better health.

It is also important to remember that everything starts with a thought even you did… According to medical intuitive’s cancer is always due to past emotional traumas that has not fulle been dealt with. It is important to understand that like everything cancer has an Emotional Mental and  Physical aspect. Even if you dont believe this or avoid it, cancer will force you in some way to take a serious look at your life and your thoughts. No wonder so many cancer survivors claim cancer to be there greatest blessing and life changer.


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Hi I'm Leanne, I am a Holistic therapist and Reiki Master Teacher of the Reiki: Discover the Healer Within Course. Working with the bodies natural intelligence by using holistic techniques to create health, happiness and peace naturally. Releasing the source of emotional pain, trauma or anxiety to create the life that we deserve to have. I love using Healing Arts and combine it with my passion and connection to Earth Medicine and plants to help myself and others. For the last few year I have been living in South East Asia going deeper into natural medicines, healing techniques and just learning more about people. Find out more about my sessions by clicking here.