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This recipe is an easy way to get all the goodness of carrots in a healthy Creamy Coconut Carrot Soup. It is really easy and fast to prepare,  preserving the seriously great health benefits of carrots ( listed below the Recipe).

  • Juice (recommended) the carrots and warm up slightly.
  • Steam the carrots while you do something else, come back add the carrots and other ingredients to your blender and serve….or;

Great for weigh loss as it is low in calories, natural earth ingredients, and healthy cold pressed plant fats..


Super boosting it by making it raw:  It is beneficial to eat a decent amount of raw fruits and veg. Some people have gone so far as to make their whole diet raw. If you can get or have the energy to make carrot juice, which is the method that will obviously yield maximum amount of of the nutrition.

Read this article on how to make carrot juice for better health for some easy tips and benefits:

Making carrot juice better health.

Steaming preserves nutrients: So after raw consumption, steaming is a good way to keep the color of your veg and not kill all the nutrients. Steaming is also a way to soften the veg so it can be easily absorbed by your body. I steam it in a strainer over a pot of boiling water on the stove, but you can use a steamer if you want. (I found that it is too much of a mission for me  to clean). Steam it for about 20 minutes until it is soft enough to blend.

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Coconut Carrot Soup

Let thy food be thy medicine, health benefits of carrots:

Beta carotene: Carrots are a rich source of this powerful antioxidant, which, among other vital uses, can be converted into vitamin A in the body to help maintain healthy skin.This gives carrots its yellow colour.

Cardiovascular: a new 10-year study from the Netherlands about carrot intake and risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD)—and those results are fascinating. Intake of fruits and vegetables in the study was categorized by color and focused on four color categories: green, orange/yellow, red/purple, and white. Out of these four categories, orange/yellow (and in particular, foods with deeper shades of orange and yellow) emerged as most protective against CVD. And even more striking, carrots were determined to be the most prominent member of this dark orange/yellow food category. Read more

Enzymes: After a certain age our enzymes starts decreasing this causes less nutrient to be absorbed, and  in return results in aging. If you don’t have enzymes to digest your food it doesn’t matter what you eat. This is one of the reasons Carrots  is a major food of the Gerson Therapy (a natural cancer treatment). Carrots increase saliva and supply enzymes that aid in digestion. Eating carrots regularly may help prevent gastric ulcers and other digestive disorders

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