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Set your self free from anxiety, stress and limiting self beliefs, and move into a more confident and calm you!

Integrated Healing is a revolutionary healing system that combines the best of modern Psychology, NLP, CBT, Physiology, Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, complementary medicine and many other modalities, with its own unique methodologies, to give a profound, yet simple, approach to obtaining holistic health and well being.

What causes anxiety, stress and low self confidence and belief?

When our body senses danger, it immediately triggers our flight or fight response….when the body is not able to return to safety these responses keep running. We start to experience stress, and a range of unwanted symptoms and feelings. Our body allocates resources based on what would best enable us to survive in the moment. Therefore, symptoms of traumatic experiences often comes up years later in the form of anxiety or low self confidence. When these unresolved experiences are integrated, the nervous system and body processes returns to normal and an opportunity exists to re frame the mind  and obtain the gifts hidden in the experience. More resources also becomes available to you in your life

When you practice self love, and you believe in yourself and have confidence in your ability to survive, perform socially professionally and personally…. Anxiety and stress can not exist.

The emotional body and subconscious mind is often overlooked as the source of where physical and mental ailments come from, the result:

  • Physical issues you just can’t heal from.
  • Recurring anxiety or depression and not knowing where it comes from.
  • Low self-worth, feelings of hopelessnessemotional pain or despair.
  • Not feeling like you belongfear of being alone or isolated.
  • Feeling stuck, not being able to take the steps needed to make a change.

THE RESULT OF INTEGRATING THESE EMOTIONS and changing mental patterns, can be life changing.

Most commonly what is experiences is:

  • Effortlessly being able to move forward and take the steps to attract what is needed to get you where you want to be.
  • change of perception and generally feeling more positive.
  • Feeling more happinessfreedom and calm in your life.
  • Feeling like you have reclaimed parts of yourself.
  • Clearing up of physical imbalances.

When we find the underlying cause of the imbalance everything else falls away….

Sabotage and Survival Programs

Some people profess that they want to heal yet don’t. At an unconscious level, they undermine their conscious mind’s intent, often feeling that they are the victims of an internal ‘tug-of-war’. An example is the client who wishes to lose weight but rewards each loss with a chocolate binge! They may be running what we call ‘Sabotage Programs.’

Neurological Switching

A type of switching caused by experiences that are traumatic enough to permanently shut down part, or most of the communication across the corpus callosum, resulting in loss of functional integration of specific areas of the brain. It manifests as physiological and mental confusion with symptoms such as a lack of spatial awareness, confusion between right and left, struggling to be in ‘now-time’, being ‘all-in-the-head’ and cut off from feelings, as well as learning and memory problems, etc.

Clearing Self-Limiting Beliefs

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t; chances are you are right.” Part of “knowing yourself” is understanding your beliefs. The difficulty is that most beliefs are unconscious. They have been accepted without ever having been critically examined. And yes, you could easily blame your parents, teachers, friends, TV, etc., as well as yourself. So many people do, but wherever it came from, it is not important. The really important thing is to be rid of it, so you can experience your ideal life.

Clearing negative amygdala memories

The Amygdala starts forming immediately after the heart’s first beat. It stores all the memories of our life in the womb, and early years. After the age of three our hippocampus matures and we no longer have access to these memories.The Amygdala bypasses all of our intelligence and rational systems and acts, in our name, on its own.When we clear the negative impact of these Amygdala memories, we can dissolve our conditioning and delete these programs that we are not consciously running but that are running us.

Balancing the cranial bones

The Cranials are the 8 bones of the human skull.. They are joined together with thin layers of dense fibrous connective tissues called sutures. We also find fissures between the cranial plates. The fissures allow the cranials to move with specific rhythmic patterns that move the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that protects maintains the functions of the central nervous system. When a person experiences physical or emotional trauma, is under stress, these fissures can become ‘fused’. Losing the elasticity that enables free movement. Balancing the Cranials can bring the person into a much healthier physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment.


When we are physically, emotionally or chemically stressed, our body releases stress hormones that can cause all of our systems to go out of balance.

Mentally to protect us, our MIND becomes fixated on potential threats and dangers. This can lead to an excessive amount of negative focus and eventually creates a negative spiral.

Opposing conscious or subconscious beliefs or unprocessed trauma could be cutting off your flow to create what you desire and truly live a life of joy…

Brain Integration

If the 2-way interaction between the left and right hemispheres of our brain is hindered or blocked, we have to invent other, often inappropriate, neurological pathways. This often inhibits our ability to think clearly or to perform everyday tasks such as making choices, relating to others and making sense of our world. The more detours messages have to take to get to their destination (because of blockages, compensations and adaptations), the slower brain processing will be.

Some reasons for a loss of brain integration include acute stress (related to a specific event, person or situation), experiencing trauma (as well as remembering or re-living past trauma) and shutdown of the corpus callosum which frequently started as a defence mechanism during childhood but subsequently leads to difficulties handling life. This balance is my fav!!

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Clearing Stress Hormone Feedback Loop

The aim of this protocol is to clear the affects of accumulated stress, by synchronizing the AHP (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal cycle.) and raise our ability to cope with future stress. In a stressful situation. the fight or flight responses are intended to prepare the body for a physical reaction, in today’s society we do not burn off the stress response hormones, In theory, this process operates as a feedback loop. We need to remove the stressor and close down the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal cycle. It is common that symptoms like depression, insomnia, anxiety, insulin resistance, food sensitivities/allergies, ulcers, high blood pressure, eczema, fibromyalgia, CFS/ME clear after this is done.

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Clearing survival programs

Survival programs are programs that the body runs as part of its fight/flight response. Many of them, however, are redundant, left over from a past situation that no longer applies. They are compensations and/or adaptations for a situation that no longer exists. There is a pay-off/secondary gain that needs to be met.In dealing with Survival Programs we aim to find what the program is, and what the pay-off/secondary gain is.  Then we work to provide alternative means of achieving this pay-off/secondary gain.

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Age recession

Age Recession is a technique that allows the practitioner and client to find out either the age at which an event occurred that is the root cause of their current situation, or the age at which they understood the full impact of something that had happened earlier in their lives. Finding the root cause and integrating it, can have profound effects on every part of your life.

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Atlas and Axis balance

The axis is the second cervical vertebra in your neck on which the atlas rotates. 99% of the population has an imbalance/misalignment between the Atlas and Axis. This may cause physical, meta-physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual imbalances and can cause the whole spine to distort. It can also cause distress to the cranials, sphenoid, jaw and muscles of the neck and shoulders, often resulting in neck pain, headaches and migraines. As  the Atlas and Axis are involved in moving the head in the ‘no’ and ‘yes’ motion, we store a huge amount of emotional stress here about the incongruence of  saying ‘yes’ when we should be saying ‘no’ or vice versa. So, correcting the Atlas and Axis has a profound effect on our being.

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Plant Medicine and Botanicals

Homeopathic remedies, herb blends and essential oils and natural supplements to support you through your transformation. As humans the most intimate relationship we have with nature is consuming plants and herbs. Plants and herbs has  been here for ever and possesses a deeper intelligence that can help our bodies come back into balance.


-Your Inner Child


We do not fear the unknown, we fear what we think we know about the unknown.

Teal Swan

What does a session look like…

The balances offered are all non-invasive and holistic in nature; non- invasive, soft safe and subtle techniques to call the body back into balance.

Because health is the default state it does not take much to remind the body of what it needs to do. It can look like tapping on points (similar to acupuncture or reflex points) on the body that relate to the specific part or organ that we want to engage or activate. Ancient wisdom with modern technology to bring the all of you back into its optimal state. Balances are always holistic in nature, used in combination with mind power techniques like NLP and many others to ensure all parts are on board, to ensure profound results.

Your body knows exactly what it needs to heal… The perfect balance, remedy or practice  is is selected based on using body interpretation and testing, similar to how a lie detector gets information. This ensures that the most effective route of healing is chosen to best address the underlying patterns of imbalance in the subconscious mind.

Each session is unique and done in the comfort of your own home over Skype and can last anything from an hour to three hours.

Plant Medicine and Botanicals .

Natural supplements to support you through your transformation . As humans the most intimate relationship we have with nature is consuming plants and herbs, and smelling fragrances. Plants and herbs has been here for ever and possesses a botanical intelligence that can help our bodies come back into balance

I am here to support you and I can’t wait to meet you and share this journey with you…

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