There is almost a natural cure for everything nowadays.
But what about eyesight??

Is there a natural way to improve your eyesight?

Why do some people have bad eyesight and some don’t? Is it just genetics or does diet have an influence too? What is the metaphysical cause behind the manifestation?

Is it possible to improve your eyesight back to the perfect original state?
Obviously there is as we live in a vibrational universe, but where do we even start?

Fast Tube by Casper

The video suggests that poor eyesight is due to muscles being contracted in order to improve eyesight. Squinting should be avoided as it causes more strain to the muscles.

Wikipedia: The Bates method is an alternative therapy aimed at improving eyesight. Eye-care physician William Horatio Bates, M.D., (1860–1931) attributed nearly all sight problems to habitual strain of the eyes, and felt that glasses were harmful and never necessary. Bates self-published a book as well as a magazine (and earlier collaborated with Bernarr MacFadden on a correspondence course) detailing his approach to helping people relax such “strain”, and thus, he claimed, improve their sight. His techniques centered on visualization and movement. He placed particular emphasis on imagining black letters and marks, and the movement of such. He also felt that exposing the eyes to sunlight would help alleviate the “strain”.[1]

Some of the methods to improve eyesight:

A) Near to far shifting
First look at the distant target (the peak of the mountain) 5 sec (count till 10)
then shift to the near target (your thumb finger) 5 sec.
First work with one eye 15(times) then the second eye 15(times)
after that use them both. (20 times)
Repetitions: 50 times
1. To regain flexibility in the muscles that control the movements of your eyes.
2. To improve eye co-ordination so that your eyes follow the focusing directions from your mind.
3. To develop a balanced use of your eyes.
4. To increase your peripheral awareness.

B) Solarization
The best time is from 8 am -11am (morning) and 4pm -19pm (evening)
Roll the ball of the sun on your closed eyes for 5 minutes.
To relax tired or strained eyes and restore peace and quiet to your mind.

C) Palming
1. Briskly rub your hands and palms together until they feel warm (15 – 20 seconds).
2. Place your cupped palms over your closed eyes. The fingers of each hand should overlap and rest on the center of your forehead.
3. Make sure there is no contact between your palms and your closed eyelids. Also make sure there is enough room between your palms (as they cup your eyes) so that you can breathe easily. Don’t create any unnecessary pressure on your face. If your arms get tired, palm resting your elbows on your thighs or on a table.
What to watch for:
1. In most cases, seeing sparks, dots of light, or patterns of color are signs that you are releasing mental strain and nervous tension.
2. Seeing blackness with your eyes closed indicates relaxation. As your eyes become more and more relaxed, the black will appear even more black.

To relax tired or strained eyes and restore peace and quiet to your mind.

To learn more about improving your eyesight naturally with the Bates Method. Click here to view the book.

Exposing the eyes to sunlight would be doing it in a safe way, as done when Sun Gazing.
ex. early in the morning,or just before sunset with closed eyes.
You have 40 minutes after sunrise and 40 minutes before sunset! Please read more on proper techniques about Sun Gazing!

Eat for Bright Eyesight
Protect your peepers with a vision-aery diet! Our eyes require multiple nutrients to function optimally. Start with these:

  • Vitamins A, C, E, and minerals like copper and zinc are essential to eyesight.
  • Antioxidants, including beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, protect the macula from sun damage. Get these antioxidants from dark leafy greens, egg yolks, yellow peppers, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Notice any color patterns here? Current research shows that consuming yellow and green vegetables can help prevent age-related macular generation, a leading cause of blindness.
  • Foods rich in Sulfur, Cysteine, and Lecithin help protect the lens of your eye from cataract formation. Excellent choices include Garlic, Onions, Shallots, and Capers.
  • Anthocyanin rich Blueberries, Grapes, and Goji berries have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help improve your vision.
  • DHA is a fatty acid found in cold-water fish like wild Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel, and Cod. DHA provides structural support to cell membranes to boost eye health.

Mind Body and Soul Approach

So the body aspect is covered but what about the mind/soul aspect, there’s an emotional connection to all eye health issues even short- and long-sightedness?

For something to manifest physically in the physical body it had to be a vibration that was present in the energetic body first. What actually begins a dis-ease process is a shock, a significant emotional event: a negative experience that is unexpected, emotional and dramatic. Emotional energy that gets blocked then manifests physically in the body.

The emotion felt at the time of the shock will determine which organ reacts and the severity of the symptoms. Eye problems are caused by different types of visual shocks.

We often develop the same eye issues as our parents, which is usually taken as a sign that we’re victims of our genes. Interestingly, it’s more likely that we’ve unintentionally taken on their beliefs and emotional patterns – for more information on this, see The Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton.

Sometimes when we enter this world we resist seeing certain parts of the world. Our body’s response to this energetic vibrational emotion is manifested as vision problems. Each person’s predeceding energetic event will obviously be unique. The best way to find the initial event or emotion would be to find a practitioner that understands this relationship ex Body Talk Therapists in SA /Body Talk Therapists World Wide or a Holistic Therapist.


Other Body Mind examples:

Visual separation: Losing sight of somebody, different types of separation are related to eczema around the eyes, eyelid problems, conjunctivitis and cataracts;
Visual self-devaluation – inferiority about not being able to see something leads to eye muscle problems;
Visual disgust conflict – causes styes;
Fear of the future, or of seeing a distant danger, and wanting to see it better – causes hyperopia, or long-sightedness. Many people in their 40s and 50s get long sightedness because they have a fear of what’s going to happen in their future;
Fear of the future or an event in the distance, and wanting to see what’s close and safe – causes myopia, or short-sightedness. For example, teenagers who fear impending exams.