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Dreamy Elixer


Indulge in a stroll through the land of sweet dreams with my enchanting blend of powerfulΒ  treats. Nervine powers, dream enchanting flowers and calming roots. The beautiful blue tansy oil gives it a magical blue hue, while hops and chamomile work their seductive magic to lull you into a peaceful slumber. The grounding effects of valerian oil will keep you firmly rooted in the land of your dreams. Preparing for a restful night, or when needed during the day this blend is ideal for when you want to feel calm and relaxed.

Soothe thy soul with botanical charm. Behind thy ears, a magic calm.

Before bed or when stress takes hold. A few drops and let thy mind unfold…

Dreamy sedatives and nervine flowers, composed in your powers.

Feel the tension fade. Soothing scents let thy worries evade.

Let nature’s remedy guide thy way, relaxation awaits a peaceful bay.

Capture the botanical intelligence of our flower friends who have circadian rhythms just like us, some open and close with the sun, some only bloom with the moon. A bouquet of flowers, some exotic some divine, and some used for as long as time.

Use in your diffuser or drop a few drops on your pillow. Add 20 drops to a spray bottle with distilled water and make a Dreamy Elixir Spray for your body, linen of room.

Essential oils can have many benefits and can be safely used if used correctly. However, it’s important to remember that essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts. This means that they should be used with caution and always diluted properly. It’s also important to note that essential oils are not a replacement for medical care. The information provided for educational purposes and have not been reviewed by any regulatory authority, and should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition without consulting a healthcare professional. Pregnant women should also exercise caution when using essential oils and consult with their healthcare provider before use.


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