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Hocus Pocus Focus Essen’cial Balm


A blend to help with decision-making, daydreaming, combatting poor concentration and mental exhaustion. This Essen’cial Balms are specifically designed to work independently or in synergy with the Hocus Focus Roller. They are formulated with both “Essential” oils and flower “Essence” power. While essential oils work on one level, flower essences operate on a different, more subtle plane, much like the hidden fairies that quietly clean and restore. Compared to the rollers, the balms have a higher concentration of Flower Essence power and a slightly lower amount of essential oils enhancing the effects of the essences.


What are flower essences:

The practice of flower essences, as we know it today, has its roots in the work of Dr. Edward Bach, a renowned English physician and homeopath. In the 1930s, Dr. Bach developed a system of flower remedies known as the Bach Flower Remedies, with the famous Rescue Remedy being one of his most well-known formulations.

Rescue Remedy, also referred to as Five Flower Remedy, is one of the most famous blends by Bach.

The practice of using flower essences has expanded beyond Bach’s original remedies, and various flower essence systems and practitioners exist worldwide today. Flower essences are commonly used to support emotional and spiritual well-being, and their gentle nature makes them suitable for individuals of all ages.


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