Organic Immune support


When the essential oils are blended together the chemical constituents in individual oils can enhance the other oils in the blend. Combining oils that are high in antimicrobial chemical components, like an essential oil rich in thymol with an essential oil rich in eugenol, will create a highly effective antimicrobial product.
➡️Rollers and sprays are diluted with a soluble to ensure the oil is properly dissipated in the base. A skin test should still be done before use.
❗Warning: Essential oils are the most concentrated form of herbal medicine and has to be used with caution. Pure organic essential oils are very strong, especially the spices and citrus oil. They have to be properly diluted. (THYME be very careful )



Essential oils are basically the distilled extracted immune systems of plants, in a bottle. 🤔These plants have been around for millennia. They have evolutionary, botanical, immunological intelligence.🍃
Antiviral herbs possesses significant antiviral powers and are therefore valuable, not only for boosting immunity against contagious viral infections, but also speeding recovery from acute infections, and overcoming viral fatigue.

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