Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil


Among the most potent of all essential oils as a purifier and cleanser, it can be used to enhance and energize skin health if compromised. Its citral elements boost calm and clarity. An ideal component of massage and body oils, lemongrass oil helps increase tone and suppleness. Lemongrass essential oil has balancing effects on body energy and is used with success to manage the difficulties of jet travel. Pure lemongrass essential oil also does triple duty as an insect repellent and a key component in the culinary and perfume industries.



Lemongrass is a tall perennial grass. It looks like grass but its edges are sharp. It flourishes well in fertile sandy soils with tropical climates receiving heavy rain. Lemongrass grows well in warm temperate and tropical regions of South East Asia and Oceania. It’s common names include lemon grass, lemongrass, barbed wire grass, silky heads, citronella grass, cha de Dartigalongue, fever grass, tanglad, hierba Luisa or gavati chaha and Cymbopogon amongst many others. This citrusy plant is a key ingredient in South East Asian cuisines. It is an important culinary herb which unleashes a distinctive lemon flavor when cut or crushed due to the release of citral essential oil. The aroma is bound to stimulate your taste buds.



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