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Organic Mozzie Spray


An potent all-natural and organic spray, designed to help you effectively repel mosquitoes without harmful chemicals like DEET. Created for the first time in Vietnam where it quickly became a favorite, gaining popularity for its unique blend of ingredients, undeniable effectiveness and uplifting smell.

My carefully crafted 100% Organic blend includes certified pure oils like citronella, peppermint, lavender, and a few extra secrets. (It is not your usual pre – blended repackaged Citronella, Lavender and Citronella mix.(-;). Because oil and water don’t mix a organic emulsifier is used

Use it in your diffuser to create a relaxing and bug-free atmosphere in your home, or drop it onto your pillow for a peaceful night’s sleep. You can also add it to your favorite cream for a refreshing and insect-repelling rub on.

This product is very special to me, as it is a tribute to a dear friend, Naphi. Her infectious spirit, kind heart, and love were the catalyst for so many of the connections and events that made my time in Vietnam unforgettable.

Naphi was the first friend I met in Vietnam and she quickly became an essential part of my life. She introduced me to the friend who nicknamed me Ylang Leanne, inspired by the aromatic Ylang Ylang flower.

The all-natural and organic essential oil blend was also the very first Ylang Leanne product and it became Naphi’s favorite pure fume. Not only was it effective in repelling mosquitoes, but the uplifting fragrances became her addiction.

To honor Naphi’s memory and the impact she had on my life, every bottle is a reminder of the inspiration and good heartedness you brought into my life.

The essential oil blend is made with only the purest and highest quality ingredients that are from farms that are USDA certified organic, and is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fragrances. It’s perfect for families with children and pets, as well as anyone looking for a natural and effective alternative to traditional insect repellents.


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