Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil – Indigenous


Cooling and uplifting Rose Geranium has a sweet rose smell with a citrus undertone and a valued commodity in the perfumery world.Rose Geranium oil has a balancing effect on  the nervous system and relieves depression and anxiety. It has a balancing effect on the adrenal cortex and is great for relieving stress. It is also well known to have a regulatory effect on the hormonal system clearing sluggish and oily skin.



Geranium’s versatility as an essential oil is well-known amongst perfumers and aromatherapists alike. As a premier cooling oil, rose geranium assists in promoting vitality. This oil is also widely cherished as a powerful assistant in promoting ease and grace during a woman’s monthly cycle. Its homeostatic nature helps the body systems to balance themselves and since the adrenal cortex is stimulated and balanced, the hormonal system of the body is also corrected and aligned.

On the lymphatic system it has a greatly stimulating effect and with that helps with detoxifying the body and also affects female health in treating PMS as well as balancing vaginal secretion and heavy periods.

It has a balancing effect on the adrenal cortex and is great for relieving stress. Calming and grounding, rose geranium helps to reduce feelings of stress and worry. Its balancing effect on the body and mind makes rose geranium an excellent choice to uplift mood and to promote feelings of well-being. Widely considered a tonic oil, or an oil that adds strength to the body, its stimulating properties lift the spirit and promote sensual feelings.

This uplifting oil has an overall balancing effect which extends to the skin, helping to stabilize both oily and dry skin and to keep skin supple. Rose geranium oil helps to balance the secretion of sebum and clears sluggish and oily skins, while the antiseptic and cicatrisant properties make this oil an effective aid to help with burns, wounds, ulcers and other skin problems.

The plants originated from South Africa as well as Reunion, Madagascar, Egypt and Morocco and were introduced to European countries such as Italy, Spain and France in the 17th century.

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