Organic Sweet Basil Essential Oil


When used on the skin, Sweet Basil Essential Oil is reputed to nourish, repair, balance, calm, smoothe, exfoliate, and brighten the complexion.

Basil Essential Oil is derived from the leaves of the Ocimum basilicum botanical, better known as the Basil herb. This plant receives its name from the Latin word basilius as well as the Greek word basilikón phutón, which mean “royal plant,” hence Basil is also known as the Queen of Herbs or l’herbe royale, meaning “royal herb” in French. It may also be referred to as Saint Joseph’s Wort, Great Basil, European Basil, French Basil, Common Basil, or Sweet Basil.

Several religions and spiritual beliefs practice rituals that emphasize the significance of the use of Basil. In Judaism, traditional stories advocate the use of Basil for increased strength during times of fasting. In various Orthodox churches, Basil is often used to either sprinkle or prepare holy water. As well, pots of the herb are often positioned below church altars to pay reverence to the belief that it was found growing around the grave of Christ. According to various other belief systems, such as those of Europe, India, and the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece, Basil was buried with those who passed away, as it was believed to have protective qualities that could help keep them secure on their journey to the Afterlife, guaranteeing their safe arrival at the gates of Heaven. In other parts of the world, Basil has come to represent good fortune. Accordingly, in places like Mexico, bunches of Basil are sometimes hung in shop doorways or windows, as the growth of the herb is believed to reflect the owner’s diligence as well as the success of the business.




Enhance mood and restore mental alertness and fight fatigue since it’s naturally a stimulant that works on the nervous system and adrenal cortex. I may clear brain fog and poor moods that accompany adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue. It has a soothing scent and can also, improve digestion, increase alertness, and soothe muscle aches. It is anti- microbial, eliminate odor-causing bacteria, soothe headaches, and relieve respiratory conditions. It’s my go favorite oil to use with sage when I just need to be picked up and soothed.

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