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Rose Damask Roller


Rose essential oil in rose hip oil is the perfect way of having the benefits ofΒ  this exquisite treasure in your pocket. It requires over 60 roses for a single drop. It has been used for centuries for emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits. With beautifying properties and a pleasant aroma, it soothes skin, reverses aging, and is anti-inflammatory. Rose oil is a heart tonic with potent anti-depressant and sedative qualities. It is a natural aphrodisiac and beneficial for feminine issues.



Rose Damascena absolute oil has been organically grown and has a deeply soothing, sweet intoxicating smell. When inhaled the aroma creates an aromatic scene of being surrounded by blooming roses straight from “The Valley of Roses” in the Bulgarian countryside. The sweet smell dissipates any bitterness and it loving feminine nature purifies and soothes the heart. It is a highly sought after oil in the perfume industry.

Roses have been referenced throughout history, symbolic in mythology and religion. Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, gave the rose it’s name in honor of her son Eros, by rearranging just one letter in his name. In 17th century Europe, it became so prized that it was considered source of legal tender. Because it has such a low yield the oil is very often adulterated, or synthetically recreated, making the pure oil expensive and hard to come by. It is a highly valued ingredient for pure “fumes”, renewing skin products, and tonics for the soul.

Often referred to as the queen of oils, it one of the major oils for healing emotional conditions associated with the heart. The oil is soothing, cooling and lifting. It can be used to purify and transform resentment, heartbreak, grief or self esteem.

Disclaimer: Please note that when using pure plant aromas to assist with emotional conditions, it is important to note that it is not a replacement for professional help, or authentically changing the core emotional patterns keeping the condition in place. Profoundly powerful and mystical they are indeed, nonetheless the power of change is within YOU. Just like our loved animal companions, an adored soul friend or close family member, plants gift us with unique & beautiful assistance, and a way to connect with the deeper intelligence of nature.


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