Wildcrafted Sweet Myrrh Opoponax Indigenous Essential oil


Opoponax Essential Oil is sometimes spelled Opopanax. It is also known as Sweet Myrrh Essential Oil. Opoponax Essential Oil are steam distilled from the resin from trees of the same genus, and their aromas share some similarity. However, Opoponax Oil tends to be a bit lighter and sweeter.

If you find the aroma of Myrrh Oil a bit too intense, you may find Opoponax Essential Oil to be more pleasing aromatically.

This oil helps us tap deeply into our hidden wisdom,Opoponax essential oil is an incredible guide in lucid dreaming, trance work, vision questing, deep meditation, and outer realm connection.

Sweet Myrrh essential oil exerts a drying action on mucous membranes, allowing relief from bronchitis, colds, sore throats, and coughs.

Opoponax may be used on the body to assist with ridding of infection. The oil can be applied topically in small amounts diluted in carrier oil to help fight infection and relieve sore muscles and joints.

Similar to Frankincense and Myrrh, Opoponax is used for its antiseptic and anti-parasitic properties. The oil also possesses powerful relief for stomach ailments, arthritis, inflammation, and muscle pain.

Opoponax oils have an affinity for bringing health and beauty to our own skin.



Native to Africa, Opoponax is commonly used in perfumery, incense and herbal remedies. It shares many of the same properties with Myrrh because the plant source is closely related. A tall tropical tree that holds natural oleogum resin in tubular vessels between the bark and wood trunk, Opoponax’ gum dries to form dark reddish-brown lumps that produce a sweet and robust-like aroma. The resin is put through a steam distillation method to capture the essential oil.

Opoponax Essential Oil is deeply grounding and can help to mellow and balance out the emotions. It is used in spiritual and incense applications.

Opoponax offers a rich and earthy aroma with intoxicating woody nuances that can help us let go of stress and find stillness and calm.

Opoponax essential oil benefits include: It is an astringent thus it is able to decongest the mucus in the respiratory tract, it is carminative and can be used to treat stomach ailments.It has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a stimulant to get the circulation going.It has antiseptic qualities suitable for treating wounds and bruises.

King Solomon used it as one of the major components of incense for temple rituals, while the Chinese used it for homeopathic treatments. Traditionally the Somali used it to treat stomach ailments and wounds. In other parts of the world, the resins were used treat arthritis.

Emotionally and Spiritually, Opoponax has a clearing and balancing effect. The oil cleanses and purifies the emotional system when inhaled or diffused. Sweet Myrrh is often used during meditation and temple practices as a space and body/mind cleanser and strengthener.

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