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Vanilla (Organic)


Vanilla is an all time comforting and seductive favorite, with a deep bourbon caramel like allure . Vanilla planifolia is a sweet thick and dark colored oil, that has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for centuries. It is an exquisite addition to your “pure”fume collection, and adds an intriguing base not to floral perfumes. It’s soothing smell makes it a natural aphrodisiac, with anti depressant and antiΒ  properties. It is calming yet alluring to the senses. The scent of Vanilla has also been found to be the most relaxing for patients during MRI’s, out of five other scents. It is anti- bacterial and is also good for skin care reducing the signs of aging and sun spots.

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Vanilla Plantifolia absolute from Madagascar is organically extracted from a perennial vine found in the Indian Ocean Islands. It is expensive to produce but has a strong scent, so a little goes a long way. The oil is high in anti oxidants and inti inflammatory properties. and is a common addition to skin care.

How to use:

Add to a diffuser to create scent in your office or bedroom.

Make a divine body oil or body spray with Vanilla and Pure Rose.

From a farm that is USDA certified.


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