Can you imagine eating a delicious fudge brownie with the feeling of health and nutrition??!!

A raw food diet has always seemed a bit boring to me. I love food and can’t understand why someone would eat carrot and celery sticks for dinner… This is what I thought….. I was surprisingly proved wrong by a Raw food cook book that my friend Kelly recently lent me.

I knew that a Raw Food Diet was like that top step in the ladder of enlightened eating, following after Vegetarian and then Vegan.


Raw vs Cooked

It makes sense that eating fruits and veg in their original whole form, without heating or processing that destroys nutrients, would be the ideal way of eating. Raw food cleanses the body and it keeps it  alkalized. Best of all you will have beautiful skin and a great figure.

The first benefit is that you stop abusing your body, each meal with toxic residue that it must deal with, leaving it free to cleanse and heal itself. Foods in their original whole form is also great for constipation.

Imagine eating this with a after taste of Health and Nutrition

By Emily from This Rawsome Life.

I have heard valid points for both sides sides…

According to Susan seeds contain an enzyme that prohibits it from sprouting, therefore seeds should be soaked/cooked before consumption to deactivate the enzyme to ensure it doesn’t prohibit nutrition absorption.

In a lengthy Raw vs Cooked debate with Susan Weed cooked food won on technical error that most raw foodists’ are not eating raw food as such. According to her when oil,acids(vinegar or lemon juice) are added or when food are soaked or fermented it is actually ‘cooked’.

There is also some vegetables like green peppers that only releases certain nutrients when heated, while others will be destroyed.

Ani Phyo’s approach to raw food diet is where “raw materials” is the key with minimal heating.

Ani suggests just adding one meal like a smoothie to your diet is a great start. I am definitely going to!!
” The best way that I know how to describe what someone feels like when they go “FullyRaw” or adapt to a 100% raw foods lifestyle is that they simply want to jump on top of the world and yell, “I am free! I found happiness!” –Kristina

Some Caution points?

Kristina understands that some of the raw food diets are designed to obtain a high percentage of daily calories from fats, by eating significant amounts of avocado, nuts and seeds.  A sustainable raw foods diet draws the great bulk of its daily calories from fruits, which are high in calories, along with liberal amounts of vegetables for their high mineral content, and small amounts of nuts and seeds.

She also understands the concept of eating foods in their whole form is obviously the best. Dehydration for example means you have taken out the water so it is not whole anymore.

This reminds me of the way medicinal plants work. As soon as you take an extract you are creating a drug. It is no longer in it “perfect” form. All the elements of a plant works together as a whole.

There is also the Ayurvedic priciples of eating according to your Dosha. For me that is food that is lightly cooked to help my body digests foods.

In conclusion

The ultimate point is to eat makes you feel good at this moment. The more consciousness you become, the more you will automatically be drawn to healthier foods for you! Follow your emotions…

All I know is raw means less cooking time, better flavour, healthy, unprocessed food. Its definitely better than sugar loaded and toxic msg food…

And most important, its cruelty – free food, so I am definitely incorporating it as an element into my diet.

Visit Raw food Recipes for the recipes in the featured images.


What do you think about the delicious desert recipes, I love it?

What valid points do know about eating Raw vs Cooked ?

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