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Learn the techniques and principles of this ancient healing art form.

The course is designed to facilitate self discovery, while also offering essential and fundamental knowledge about eastern healing principles and emotional healing. Interactive and practical to ensure yo feel confident  to share your new found gift.

Working on multiple levels Reiki is well known for its results and can help in assisting with physical, mental and emotionalsources of imbalance.

Reiki works at all the four levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) as preventive and curative spiritual medicine. It is known to clear anxiety and depression and improves mental health.

Reiki is a non invasive healing technique that works in conjunction with the body’s natural healing processes. By activating the healing intelligence inherent within us, we are able to call the body back into it’s natural state.

When you start applying Reiki to yourself or others, you experience both preventive and curative functions at the same time, which makes Reiki a unique and wonderful healing system.

The practice of energy conscious practices like Qi Gong, Falun Dafa, Thai Chi, Yoga, EFT, Acupuncture, reflexology, and other energy techniques are becoming more and more popular as the benefits are being experienced and reported.

How does Reiki work?

Touch Therapy


Reiki is a touch therapy. Recent studies has shown numerous benefits, lowering levels of stress hormones while increasing the oxytocin.

Accupressure points


Specific hand positions  are used to stimulate pressure and energy points on the body to stimulate meridians and nadis using the energy points of the practitioners hands. This promotes the body’s self healing process and has an overall healing effect on the body and mind.

Conscious Awareness

Reiki as an healing art is a conscious expression of loving energy.,and attention. When we become conscious of this energy we we increase our awareness, and our heart opens…… allowing a deep and profound experience of feeling connected and whole. The word Reiki translates as Universal Energy, we are universally connected by love so Reiki can be seen as conscious love.

I started my journey as an alternative healing therapist in 2012 with the Trauma Release Exercises, but always knew I needed a deeper energy to assist in gaining deeper healing. Reiki had always seemed to me. I knew this as I had had fantastic healing sessions with a Reiki healer who had helped me when I needed healing. Reiki works and works magic. For one reason or another all my attempts to get registered onto a course did not succeed. When the time was right my path lead to Leanne Schmidt, a Reiki Master.  I did my Reiki I and II with her and she is the most amazing conscientious teacher I have ever experienced. She shows deep commitment to her students because she believes in the Reiki power and the student’s ability. She is calm, accessible and patient. Will encourage serendipity questions and ties them back to the Reiki course and other modalities. Leanne imparted to me a gift that underpins my healing therapies which allows me to share  with all my clients. This course started an interconnectedness between us which allows us to share all healing ideas to strengthen our collective consciousness for a better world. Thank you Leanne I am always full of gratitude for this.

Belinda Cowden

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