Why use Rice Flour for Skin Care?

Ok… I am convinced Rice for Skin Care is the best kept beauty secret!

Rice flour is a very nutritious and mineral rich grain. Containing many vitamins and Amino Acids.

Rice has the ability to revitalize your skin’s natural glow…its soft texture lightly removes dead skin cells while the amino acids and vitamins nourishes the new fresh skin.

On my recent trip through Asia I found that Rice is and has been used by Asians for centuries, for beautiful skin.It is widely used as a whitening and clearing agent in their skin care products.

I found that Rice extracts is used in so many expensive skin care ranges, with great benefits. Pitera is a a liquid formed from fermented rice and is said to become “a special secret shared by celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and women around the world, transforming skin along the five dimensions of texture, radiance, firmness, spot control and wrinkle resilience critical to crystal clarity” –PG (SKI – II)

I was introduced to Rice Flour by a friend who gave me some of her Dermalogica Rice Flour Exfoliate. Just like she said it worked great leaving my skin soft, clear and glowing. I had to find a way to get more!!!

I believe in using natural elements in it’s whole form ie. not isolating out one component.

This is the best way not only to consume your food, but also take care of your skin. So don’t make the mistake of assuming that using extracts is the key. Plants work as a whole…Rice Flour is an easy way to to make use of  this plant’s amazing benefits as a whole.

Rice Flour DIY Skin Care

I recommend buying a very fine organic rice flour. It is  inexpensive and can be used off the shelf. Bit you can also make it yourself:

Making the Rice Flour yourself:

Boil your organic rice until really soft.

Spread your rice on a oven tray and dehydrate it on low heat in the oven.

When it is dehydrated not roasted or toasted, let it cool down.

After it is cool put it in a coffee grinder or smoothie maker and grind it into a soft powder.

Rice Flour DIY Skincare Exfoliate – Face Scrub

My skin is really sensitive and the rice flour I bought wasn’t soft and powdery like the Dermalogica. A scrub should not damage the top layer of your skin so I made my rice flour even finer by grinding it further in my pestal and mortar.

As long as it doesn’t feel scratchy on your skin, its fine!

Put it in a airtight container for storage.

 To Use:

Put a little bit of the rice flour  in your hand and mix it with a little water or aloe gel to activate it.

Scrub it lightly over your face and neck and rinse.

Feel how soft your skin feels…

Shortcut: Add a teaspoon tor two into your  face wash.

This scrub works great to clear out impurities that got trapped after the Activated charcoal mask.

 Rice Flour DIY Skincare Calming and Smoothing Exfoliate –  Face Mask

Take some of your rice flour and add it to a bowl with some milk.

Milk is great in skincare it was Cleopatra beauty secret. It soothes and calms and reduces redness.

Mix it up until you get a nice consistency.

Use your forefingers and smooth it over your face and neck area.

Rinse after 30 minutes.

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