The heart is more than we could ever even begin to Imagine

I recently attended the Heart Math Institute’s Heart based living Workshop, and was reminded again of the importance of  the Heart.

It just seems like all roads lead to this one organ,The Heart.

heart-torusIt turns out that the heart has a bigger electromagnetic field than the brain.

Based on the studies by the Institute the Torus field around the heart contains data relevant to your emotional state and level of coherence.

This field can significantly influence the fields of others around you. Don’t need science to convince me of that!

Repeated studies by the Institute of HeartMath show, individuals who intentionally focus on appreciation or other positive emotions can change their heart rhythm patterns from chaotic to smooth and rhythmic, like ocean waves. The effect of being in Coherence after a prolonged amount of time goes beyond what you can Imagine.

HeartMath even has a monitor that you can buy, that measures and translates your Heart Rate Variability to help you achieve this prolonged state.

Coherence – Feelings of genuine hope, appreciation, care and compassion signal your heart to send harmonious and coherent signals to the brain/mind, replacing feelings of separation with connection. The heart and brain align, and your electromagnetic field sends out a coherence wave, locally and globally. Higher cortical functions are enhanced, enabling greater objectivity and intuitive perception.Breathing techniques has also shown to have a significant effect on HRV.

Heart Brain Connection

It was fount that there is more communication from the Heart to the Brain, than the other way around. Physically the communication happens through a nerve called the Vega Nerve. So what are the heart communicating to the brain?

According to the Heart Math Institute Heart intelligence is the flow of awareness, understanding and intuition we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart.

The Heart can be connected to the Brain through Imagery workshops, Kriya Yoga, Tibetan Meditations, Tai Chi and QI Gong.

Also the Course by The School of Remembering teaches the whole process of connecting the Heart to the Brain and more..

The Heart has a Brain

The Little Brain in the HeartThe heart also has its own neurons just like the brain.The little brain in the heart.View images Click here

No wonder the Egyptians chucked away the brain and kept the Heart during Mummification.


So how can I access this heart intelligence, and what else can the Heart do?

The Heart is like a portal between physical and non – physical. It is the place where all the secrets of the universe lies. Everything you need to know about who you are and what are you doing here.

The Heart also has no polarity in comparison to the brain, there is no left or right side in of the heart.There is only a sacred space and a tiny space. Threfore it is advised that when manifesting your desires it should be done from within the sacred space of heart to avoid the polarity that is experienced from creating from the brain. Ex Trying to create more peace only lead to more war…

In Drunvalo’s book Living in the Heart Drunvalo takes you through a meditation to enter the sacred space of the Heart which is the space where these Torus field comes together in the middle.

From here you can do anything your heart desires….

The following episode is a very understandable explanation of the power of the heart.

Fast Tube by Casper

Spirituality and the Heart

In the following episode, Teal explains that living from the heart means to emanate your true essence. It means to become the embodiment of love, equanimity and freedom.

The heart is the first organ to appear when we come into physical form. It is the first organ which develops in a human fetus. It is often called “the seat of the soul” because it is the first interface between our non physical soul and our physical body. Its electromagnetic field is unparalleled.

Getting in touch with our hearts, can help us get in touch with our higher selves (the eternal, benevolent essence that we truly are) which is the true goal of spirituality.

Spiritual life is not about knowing much, it is about loving much. It is about getting in touch with our truest self. It is about opening out heart so wide, that “enemy” is not a concept which exists in our reality.

And more than that, it is about opening the heart and living from the heart to such a degree that eventually there is also no such concept in our life as “other”.

Fast Tube by Casper

It’s clear that the heart is very powerful and can be used for more than just pumping blood. But how can we use it? Below is a Meditation by Teal Scott that can be done to get in touch with your Heart.

Fast Tube by Casper

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