The effect of your emotions on your body?

Your physical, emotional and mental bodies are connected and interact with each other all the time. Each of these bodies are different dimension of physicality of you.

Emotions can not be seen or touched like the physical body, but it has an immense impact on your physical body. Your vibrational/energy body can not be seen but it can be measured in frequency.

Like when you experience Stress the body responds physically with Serotonin, or Happiness with Endorphins. The effect of negative emotions on your vibrational/energy body causes blockages of life force energy. These chemicals have serious long term effect on the body…. Specific emotions produces specific chemicals and affect specific organs or parts of the body.

The same goes for specific frequencies of emotions effect specific chakras or meridians. That is why if you have physical ailment there is a corresponding emotion or vibrational ailment.


Pull out the root and the weeds stop growing…

So what is driving these patterns of negative emotions and how do we heal them.

Thoughts are the main driver of emotions. So change your thoughts and your emotions change. You can test this by using two opposing thoughts.

So what is the problem?

Unfortunately we were taught that negative emotions are bad as children, and most of our negative emotions was suppressed.

So now you have to feel it, to heal it!

These stuck emotions are usually rooted in emotional patterns, programming or trauma that occurred between the ages of 0- 7.

This also correlates with belief that the pigments in your Iris (that are used to locate where emotions are stuck) are formed during the ages of o-7.

During these ages we process experiences and situations through our emotional bodies, this means that situation could not be mentally understood and analyzed like adults do.

Something as simple as a parent impatiently snapping at a child is interpreted through the child’s emotional body as “my mother doesn’t love me I am a bad person” compared to what the mental body would interpret as “my mother is just tired and it has nothing to do with me”. Or even something simple like being left in a car as a child.

Because of this way of how young children interpret life, there is experiences and unprocessed emotions that are stuck in the emotional body that is subconscious and can cause havoc in adulthood which just keeps spiraling the longer we leave the emotion unhealed.


How stuck emotions and limiting belief patterns are affecting you today!

Negative Thought= Negative Emotion ;Thoughts thought many times= Unconscious Limiting Beliefs = Constant flow of  Negative Emotions

As young children we also mimic our parents. Not knowing better we take on their emotional and belief patterns, that they got from their parents. As adults these imprints usually operate sub consciously, even though we might try consciously avoid them.

Any Trauma experienced as a child that was not processed causes this same effect. It gets stuck in the body like a thorn, causing an infection waiting for you to be pulled out by way of processing it.

The way forward is to become conscious of them by finding them and going back, and replacing it with new empowering and abundant beliefs that cause a butterfly effect in your emotions and everything else!

Initial Imprinting Healing can quickly dissolve these by finding them and shining the light of consciousness on the first time you adopted them,