Let me start with my own story related to kidney stones / gal stones and an infected or constantly burning bladder.
At the time I was going to the gym a minimum of 5 times a week and a friend told me about this high protein diet he is currently doing and has already lost so much weight on and I thought OK as a gym junkie being on a high protein diet can’t hurt as I probably need all those extra protein to grow some muscle anyway.

Being a South African and having an already high protein diet as we eat so much red meat it took about a month for me to start getting or maybe actually noticing/feeling the kidney stones and protein crystals as they ran down the tubes between the kidney, liver and bladder, hurting constantly. As soon as the burning bladder and discomfort in the lower back started I began drinking cranberry juice and alkaline powder mixes thinking it was some kind of bladder infection, it didn’t go away, simply because I wasn’t changing my diet, but as most people will do or think is the best way to eliminate bodily issues and as I did is to then just take a pill or go to a doctor or drink cranberry juice for the apparent bladder infection.

I refuse to take pharmaceutical chemically made pills and know there must always be a natural cure. I then made an appointment with a Doctor, aka GP. The Dr. tested my urine and couldn’t find what was wrong, Dr. said my urine test is alkaline(because of the cranberry juice) and I seem perfectly healthy, so off I went to try and figure this out by myself…

Here is my finding on why we get and I got kidney stones:

I did some research and found that my diet is to blame and that a high protein diet gives you exactly that. The high protein diet was not the only thing to blame, so was other acidic forming foods and drinks that I consumed, like red wine which was especially bad, coca-cola(very bad), dried meat(biltong), McDonalds or KFC once a week, bread, pizza and chocolate to name a few.

Since I started drinking alcohol I had heart burn issues and a Rennie(anti-acid) was always close enough and now I haven’t had the need for any quick remedies in years.

Heart burn or acid reflux is one of the biggest indicators of having an acidic body.

Do remember that the piece of chocolate you ate or that glass of wine you had that brought the onset of heart burn is not the only thing to blame, your body is already acidic and that glass of wine is the only extra acidic drink needed to start the fire in your stomach. It is like throwing a lit match into a petrol tank. You should listen to your body, it knows and tells you what is not needed or not good by having indications like acid reflux.

Where kidney stones and an acidic environment can lead to!

An acidic body is the playground for cancer and other health issues, will your Dr. tell you to change your diet or go for chemo when cancer is detected??? A Dr recently blew the whistle and said Dr’s receive a kick back when they sent patients for chemotherapy and 97% of the times chemo doesn’t work! I know, off topic, but education is key here! In my opinion, Dr’s cannot be trusted anymore, you have to do your research before ever even thinking of consulting a Dr. again. Most illnesses can be cured by changing your diet or by using natural cures or medicine and consulting a Naturopath or Homeopath.

Here’s a list of foods and drinks to eliminate or have a lot less of, I know, it can be hard to do but moderation might just help to start with.

  1. Meat is totally acidic and not good for humans and
  2. Basically everything that comes from an animal like cheese and yogurt. (I still eat it, but much, much less)
  3. Alcohol of any kind and yes, wine too 🙁
  4. Processed Foods including McDonalds!
  5. Take-Away’s and most if not all quick meals.
  6. Stop using the microwave.
  7. Food Preservatives and food Colouring agents.
  8. Artificial Sweeteners.
  9. Gassy Soft Drinks.
  10. Pharmaceuticals.
  11. Flour in Bread and Pizza’s etc.
  12. Chocolate (I still love it, but I eat way less than I used to).
  13. RO² water(Reverse Osmosis Water) is Acidic too.

This is not a full list of acidic forming foods.
You can find more information here and here.

Investigate every single ingredient added to food and drinks you consume! Be vigilant to what you put into your body, question every single ingredient and find better, healthier alternatives which is not only better for you but will be better for our planet too. Everything you consume eventually comes out and is either good compost or food for some creature or it can badly affect the environment around us.

Let me explain: We use antibiotics and other drugs or chemically made pharmaceuticals to treat simple things like the flu, yes?! Ok, then after we consume these “medicines” our body eventually want to get rid of it and we flush it down the toilet where it goes through the sewage system where at an average of 40% makes it back into our tap to be our drinking water again! So, this means the sewage water are treated, filtered and cleaned to be our drinking water and these pharmaceutical chemicals cannot be filtered out, so we pollute our drinking water with these chemicals just to consume some of it again. The other 60% of the waste water flows directly into our rivers and dams which ultimately reaches the oceans where the fish and sea creatures consumes it and then we catch those fish and eat them which is just another way for us to consume those chemicals again.

So, yes if you didn’t catch what I’m saying yet, here it is: STOP using anything that is made up of or are chemicals, it eventually comes back to you in some or other way. by going totally organic and living a natural lifestyle these bad chemicals can be eliminated and our planet saved.

How to get rid of Kidney Stones

Getting rid of your kidney stones or protein crystals is not a one day quick and easy cure, it will take some time but it will be all worth it.

  1. For starters, change your diet immediately, stop eating the above mentioned food & drinks asap.
  2. Drink more water,  but do remember that Reverse Osmosis or Drinking Water is mostly acidic and can be made alkaline by adding some baking soda or lemon to the water.
  3. Start drinking an alkaline powder like this one, the Macro Green Superfood powder do have everything in it to clean out your liver and rejuvenate it too. All the ingredients are well-thought out to give you energy naturally with Spirulina, Eleuthro Root and Ginkgo Biloba. Other ingredients to clean and rejuvenate your liver and kidney’s are Milk Thistle, Astralugus root, Carrot, Beet and licorice root that increases bile flow, lowers cholesterol and boosts the immune system. Other ingredients like Suma root, Raspberry & Grape seed has many anti-oxidant benefits and can also increase stamina and overall health.
  4. As an extra boost to clean your system out and help clear out kidney stones are to start drinking some health juices like carrot juice(see article Making Carrot Juice for Better Health and this one to cure cancer naturally), beet juice and any kind of green juices too.

Above all, do change your diet your body will thank you 😉 A plant based diet is most probably the overall best thing you can do for your body and to eliminate future build up of kidney stones. Stay alkaline, stay healthy!

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