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Handmade by various woman's initiatives to uplift the community.



Elna teaches and shares her skills with woman in her community. She has a dream to grow a large community of empowered sewers.

Proteas symbolizes overcoming obstacles, finding the courage inside of you to make a difference in the world!



Lesley-Anne started her with a few pieces of cloth on her living room floor. Today she has a successful business supporting her.

The frog and the pelican is a sign to never give up.

1. individual Handmade Bags

Start small with a Handmade bag and one organic oil
Only the best quality for you and me

Ylang Leanne essential oils are 100% certified pure and do not contain any additives or chemicals and are not adulterated in any way. No chemical compounds (ex. linalool or limonene) added. Organic essential oils are certified organic with an independent agency. Support local businesses, poverty alleviation programs, and farms that support sustainable eco farming. Indigenous essential oils capture the healing benefits of valuable African herbs and plants gathered from wild growing plants.

2. Mini Packages

Perfect to start with or as a gift for a friend

Mix your own healing perfumes, make your own first aid or natural travelling remedies. Take it with you to yoga or to the gym. Add more oils as you go along.

Choose your bag and choose your combination of oils.

Includes: 1 Bag, 3 Essential Oils, 1 Empty Roller

No.1 Asian Swiss Knife – Bulgarian Lavender*, Lemongrass* & Tea Tree*
No.2 The Traveler – Bulgarian Lavender*, Eucalyptus* & Clove*
No.3 Swiss Knife Extraordinaire -Bulgarian Lavender*, Eucalyptus* & Tea Tree*
No.4 Nausea, Digestion & Immune – Ginger*, Peppermint* & Lemon*
No.5 Sweet and Sour Seduction – Sage,` Lime` & Sweet Basil*
No.6 Asian Sensation – Ylang Ylang*, Lemongrass* & Lemon*
No.7 Citrus and Flowers – Lemongrass*, Rose Geranium* & Sweet Orange*
No.8 Yoga Bomb – Bulgarian Lavender* Lemongrass* & Sage`
No.9 Bey Bey Mozzie – Citronella*, Lemongrass* & Sweet Basil*

*certified pure organic
^ wildcrafted and naturally organic
`certified pure

2. Herbal Mastery Starter packages

Oils combined for your specific needs

First aid and home pharmacy Bag

The perfect toolkit for the natural medicine woman of the future.

The essential bag with all the oils that should be in your home pharmacy kit for everyday ailments, first aid and immune building. Be ready for anything. Have all your oils with you.

Includes: 1 Empty Roller, 1 Empty Spray Bottle, 1 Empty Perfume Spray Bottle

  • Lavender* – Stomach cramps, Pain, Headache, Burns, Insect bites, Cuts.
  • Clove* – Toothache and digestion. High in Antioxidants and has potent Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti Microbial properties.
  • Tea tree* – Athlete’s foot and Nail Fungi, Fight Bacterial and Viral Infections, Lice, Dandruff and Acne.
  • Thyme* – Strong natural Antimicrobial, making it a serious weapon against Sore Throats and Respiratory issues.
  • Eucalyptus* – Respiratory support, Improve seasonal Allergies, Fights infections, Reduce Pain and Inflammation, Alleviate Headaches, Sinus, Backache.

Blissfully Beautiful Bag

Ancient resins, Exotic flowers and fruits for natural beauty and a blissful mood.

Make your own botanical skin care productsSlow down aging with ancient skin rejuvenating  secretsHelp balance hormones, and lift your mood and make healing “pure”fumes. with exotic flowers and ancient resins.

Includes: 1 Empty Roller, 1 Empty Spray Bottle, 1 Empty Perfume Spray Bottle

  • Ylang Ylang* – euphoric evokes feelings of a deep,  a sense of calm that melts away anxiety, tension and stress.
  • Rose Geranium* – hormone balancer, stress relief, depression, reduces wrinkles
  • Clary Sage* – The ultimate balancer of hormones, alleviates menopause symptoms and helps balance moods and hot flushes.
  • Immortelle^ – The gold rush in skincare. This essential oil is also established to have “tissue remodeling” effects that help maintain unblemished skin. Soothes the nervous system.
  • Frankincense^ – An ancient resin (Biblical and Egyptian) soothes stress, ease anxiety, and calm the mind.  One of the most important oils for improving skin.
  • Bergamot* – Famous for its’ uplifting and anti depressant, benefits, ass well as hair loss.



Sleep, Calm, focus & Memory Bag

This package is a nootropic paradise.

 Includes both grounding and calming oils, as well as oils that wakes up, and help with focus and memory.

Includes: 1 Empty Roller, 1 Empty Spray Bottle, 1 Empty Perfume Spray Bottle

  • Lavender* – Calming and relaxing, brings emotions to the surface, sedative, anti depressing properties.
  • Peppermint* – Refreshing, improve memory and alertness.
  • Roman Chamomile* – used as a mild sedative to calm nerves and reduce anxiety by promoting relaxation.
  • Immortelle^ – calms and decompresses nervous system. Known to cross the blood brain barrier amplifying the function of pineal and pituitary glands. Use in ancient times as dream oil.
  • Frankincense^ – alleviate stress , “Liquid Gold” for skin and strengthens and improve skin tone, elasticity. An ancient resin that promotes states of higher consciousness.
  • Vetiver` – Recent research credits vetiver oil for treating symptoms of ADHD and ADD and relieving Insomnia.
  • Rosemary* – Amazing neurotropic and cognitive therapeutic benefits. Boosts Alertness, Brain health and Memory, Anti-Inflammatory and Pain-Relieving properties.

*certified pure organic

^ wildcrafted and naturally organic

`certified pure

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