Organic. Pure.

Made only from pure plant materials.

Ylang Leanne essential oils are 100% pure and does not contain any additives or chemicals and is not adulterated in any way. No chemical compounds (ex. linalool or limonene) are added to enhance the smell. Ylang Leanne organic essential oils are organically certified with an independent agency. (Registered with the US Department of Agriculture). support local businesses, poverty alleviation programs, and farms that support sustainable eco farming. Indigenous essential oils captures the healing benefits of valuable African herbs and plants gathered form wild growing plants

Nature's sacred gift at your fingertips...

  • Essential oils are one of the most concentrated forms of herbal medicine.
  • It takes sixty-seven roses to produce only one drop of essential oil.
  • It has the ability to penetrate to the deepest levels of tissues.
  • Most essential oils can penetrate the blood brain barrier. This makes them uniquely able to address disease, not only on a physical level, but also emotional which is often the root cause of physical illness.

Why organic?

The botanicals used to produce our certified organic essential oils are grown in soil that is free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and herbicide residues.  Aromatherapy is inhaled through the olfactory system (sense of smell)  and the molecules are then transferred to the brain and effects the limbic system. Toxins and pesticides are like nerve gas: they attack the brain and nervous system, interfering with nerve signal transmission. Therefore organic essential oils are essential in the practice of aromatherapy and emotional healing.

Created especially for therapists

Created especially for therapists to heal the mind, body and emotions. Aromatherapy soothes emotional conditions through the olfactory system which is directly connected to the central nervous system

Supports local farming

Local sources are used as far as possible. 90% of Ylang Essential oils comes from local farms within Africa.

Not Batched

Lower quality  batches are not batched in with a higher quality batches

Single source

Ylang Leanne oils are comes from a single source to ensure that a high quality is maintained.

Neurochemisty and Essential Oils

Aromatic compounds trigger our neurochemistry through the olfactory system. As the molecules reaches the brain it affects our limbic system, which is linked to emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, and hormone balance. It also affects how our whole body relates to stressors.

So whether you are aiming to support your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wellbeing, aromatherapy has an important role to play.

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