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Nature’s secret power in a bottle!


Essential oils are one of the most concentrated forms of herbal medicines.


It takes sixty-seven roses to produce only one drop of essential oil!

Why do you need essential oils in your life?

  • Self Empowered Health and Well Being.
  • Inhaling essential oils stimulates the limbic system (mood center of brain) instantly.
  • Ability to penetrate to the deepest levels of tissues.
  • Used for a variety of skin care concerns, first aid, sleep , anxiety, scar repair.
  • Works with the body’s NATURAL healing intelligence.
  • Protect and help your family on the go!
  • Learn how resins that are produced to heal the bark of trees can help with anti aging!
  • It is better for the environment.

Anti-inflammatory | Anti-bacterial | Anti -fungal | Anti-inflammatory

Anti- depressant | Anti -spasmodic | Anti – viral | Anti-congestant

Ylang Leanne essential oils are 100% pure and does not contain any additives or chemicals and is not adulterated in any way. No chemical compounds (ex. linalool or limonene) are added to enhance the smell. The organic certified oils are registered with an independent agency. I support local businesses, poverty alleviation programs, and farms that support sustainable eco farming.